#Lockdown Home projector / Large ‘Disney’ wall art project

How do you go about painting a favourite character on your childs wall?

These are my recommended steps

  • Find suitable wall
  • Clean the wall with sugar soap, this will remove the grime
  • Paint wall if not the correct background colour
  • Purchase some acetate sheets
  • Draw a picture on the sheet with a thin permanent marker
    • If your art skills are not up to that:
    • Trace from another drawing or purchase the more expensive printable acetate sheets and print image on using a laser printer (Do not attempt to put in a non printable acetate sheet in a laser printer – they melt)
  • Find a suitable A4 sized box and tape the acetate sheet to it
  • Cut hole for a light source in back of box (I used a LED Maglite torch, which are super powerful)
  • Place the box and torch in a place where they cannot be moved
  • Darken the room and switch on your home projection unit
  • Use a HB pencil to draw on the wall

Now start painting with Arylic paint, I used these Daler-Rowney, System 3 Introduction Set they include all primary & secondary colours in order to mix up any not included


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