BMW Mini R56 Start Stop, Stopped working?

A car related post… A break from the norm

I’ve got a UK 61 plate (2011) mini cooper diesel.

Within the last year I noticed that the Start / Stop functionality stopped working, no other problems noticed until the other day, I reached my normal parking spot switched off the engine in order to carry on listening to the radio, 1 minute later, if that & then the battery light appeared on the dash and the car shut down…..

The following morning I got a yellow light telling me to have the car looked at, so after an amount of fiddling with the service info on the stalk and pressing the BC button I got the error code CC-ID-415 : Battery Discharge Rate High.

The car was fine for 4 more days, performing it’s 25 miles return journey a day, the code disappeared and I got a slot in the garage.. I had them replace the battery with a new AGM battery and had it recoded, this was based on my guess it all pointed to the battery failing due to age, to have diagnostics performed to look further into the issues might have increased the bill.

Start stop worked straight away. I was shocked at the £200 bill. Although if I had it fitted at Mini dealership garage would have cost another £50+ pounds.

Just thought I’d post this incase it helps anyone else out with similar issues.

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