Not so many?

It’s Sean’s catch phrase, as used in our daily Scrum meetings to preface his comments. Everybody else tends to be much more verbose. As a title for the blog, we thought it captured our aim, which is to share short snippets of useful info with the team and anyone else out there.

Hopefully you’ll find something on our blog useful.

Enjoy our knowledge!


  1. Pally

    Hi Sean,

    We have currently faced a problem where a customer wanted to Install Jasper 4.2 with MYSQL 5.5. Thanks to your solution here we have fixed the issue. However we can’t offer this to a customer we havn’t tested this out. Can you comment how this fix has been? did you find any issues with the fix?


    Kind Regards

    Pally Gharmount

    Reports Developer @ Micros

    • Raymond Reid

      Hi Pally,

      We’re still using the installation which we fixed to work with MYSQL 5.5, although we haven’t rolled it out for full use as of yet.
      So I cannot 100% tell you that this solution works.

      The installation of Jasper Server seems to be stable, but we haven’t had many people using it concurrently. Load testing Jasper is still something on our list of things to do.


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