How to remove Moodle 4 site Home

Just a quick tip.

How to remove the site ‘Home‘ for logged in users in Moodle 4, when using the Moodle 4 BOOST theme

/* Hide the Home tab */
.nav-link[href="https://<Your Moodle site>/?redirect=0"] {
  display: none!important;

This can be added into the Raw SCSS text field in https://<Your-Moodle-site>/admin/settings.php?section=themesettingboost#theme_boost_advanced

Afterwards our Navigation bar now looks like this

Maybe on the full release of Moodle 4 there might be a toggle to remove it from the GUI as it is not useful to everyone.

Expect more of these nuggets to come as we work to releasing Moodle 4 to our users around Easter 2022

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