Windows 10 Update October 2018 / 1809 : No browser website access?

I installed Windows 10 1809 update from here

Bypassing my domain group policy which has greyed out the ‘check for updates’ button. This is slightly annoying in itself.

After installation was completed, I noted that random things were happening when browsing the internet, this was on all the web browsers that I had installed (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). Things like no pages being displayed to browsers working for the first 5 minutes since a fresh reboot, to Chrome crashing and refusing to open again that session. Odd! so I checked whether I could do a


From the command prompt.

This was still working as expected. So the network card and settings weren’t the cause of my strife.

I had already upgrade two other machines without any issues, so what was going on? The only difference to the machines were the working ones were laptops using WiFi, the broken one was a desktop using a connected ethernet card.

After a day and a half tweaking / reading the internet, the solution lied with Malwarebytes ! I removed the installation and everything started working again. The installation had recently upgraded itself.

I’ve no idea why and frankly don’t care as it caused me so much hassle to figure out what was going on.

I’ve still got Malwarebytes installed on the two other machines and they are still working as expected, so there must be a buggy version out there that halts the internet access or it detected malware and shut the internet down when using the 1809 update.

Hope this blog post helps someone else too.

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