Jinitiator repaint on Windows 7

When using my fix to get Jinitiator to work with Windows 7, you might of noticed that your screen is reduce to the Windows 7 basic theme.

I thought I’d write a separate post about how to fix this, as it’s something I often get asked how to do.

Click Start > Control Panel > JInitiator
‘Basic’ Tab
In the ‘Java Runtime Pparameters’ box, add this:
‘Apply’ & click ‘Close’.

Now restart your machine.

Now on launching your website application, Windows will no longer be forced into using the basic theme.


  1. afzalmd001

    yes i logged in as administrator and the parameters field is blank(white space).Appreciate ur reply.

  2. Daily VM Tech (@DailyvMTech)

    after adding the parameters, the form no longer freezing 🙂 The tricky things in here is to click on the JInitiator Tab, click somewhere outside the Jinitiator and again go back to the JInitiator you will see that the JInitiator responses to the action you give.


  3. Fandy Lee

    i’d follow your step as you given…replace jvm & repaint..then restart machine
    but i still got Jinitiator 1.3 Fatal Error : JRE cannot be loaded from the jvm that replace.

    what should i do?

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