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Jinitiator repaint on Windows 7

When using my fix to get Jinitiator to work with Windows 7, you might of noticed that your screen is reduce to the Windows 7 basic theme.

I thought I’d write a separate post about how to fix this, as it’s something I often get asked how to do.

Click Start > Control Panel > JInitiator
‘Basic’ Tab
In the ‘Java Runtime Pparameters’ box, add this:
‘Apply’ & click ‘Close’.

Now restart your machine.

Now on launching your website application, Windows will no longer be forced into using the basic theme.

Jinitiator working on Windows 7

We need ‘Jinitiator’ to use a core application. The applications in-house team havent managed to get it working with JRE, which is the replacement to Jinit. They insist that you must use Jinitiator & windows XP! Joy! We also know that Jinit is no longer supported by Oracle & refuses to work with Windows 7.

So how do you get around this ?

Install Jinitiator as normal, if your having problems actually getting it to install, just use the Win7 ‘compatibility mode’ to get it to stay on your machine instead of it annoyingly uninstalling itself at the end of a failed install process.


Replace the ‘jvm.dll’ in jinitiator directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot\) with this file jvm.dll.

Restart IE* and try again, Windows 7 should reduce your colour scheme and your app should now work.

See post repaint blog post on how to fix the repaint screen issues, if they are happening to you.

*Note, I would never normally recommend Internet Explorer, it’s just that this process doesn’t work for me using Chrome or Firefox, my preferred browsers.