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Elgg 1.7

Its still not arrived, but as of yesterday it when into code lock down. Meaning that what is there now is pretty much the beta release which will be able on within a few days.

Once the beta is available, I’ll be putting it on my test server to make sure that everything still works.

Heres hoping…

elgg 1.7 on horizon

Take from the news sections of : Elgg 1.7 will ship with 0 new features. After feedback from users and discussions with the core dev team, we have decided to tackle some bugs that have been found in Elgg core in order to improve Elgg core itself. Though we are excited about the new features we have planned for Elgg, it is agreed that current development time will be better spent making Elgg Core as solid and bug-free as possible.

This all sounds very promising, I for one will be looking forward to this release.

Elgg, a view from a small corner of the world


Just to sum up, elgg is a social network framework, which gives you the frame to create your own social network, elgg’s social engine powers all kinds of social environments, from education to business and anything inbetween. If you are looking for a professional social intranet or want to run a site for your organisation, Elgg is a great choice.

So far :

We’ve had many issues with elgg, but that’s only because we jumped on board right when 1.0 was released, in Dec 2008, since then elgg has gone through a few different version and is now on 1.6.1, this is as of last week (date of writing Sept14th 2009). Most things in 1.6.1 are now fixed, although some of the extra functionality that we had from the use of plugins from the elgg community have gone, as the core of elgg has been upgraded leaving some of the community plugins no longer working, this has noticeable happened in the Groups plugin, where you now cant edit the a discussion post once it has been created, nor can you change its status from open to closed.

Hopefully the community plugins will be updated in due time.