Blackboard UK en_GB language pack

I’ve have recently rewritten our Blackboard English language pack for the University which currently employs me. If anyone knows the in’s and out’s of the Blackboard language pack, they’ll know that this is a long and arduous task to perform.

Blackboard out the of box is set up for the American school system marketplace and it’s language reflects this. Within the English University system we call Courses – Modules, Modules – Widgets and Organisations – Communities. This pack is available for you’re Institution without having to pay Blackboard an astronomical fee to change it for you. Why should you have to go through all the 120,000 plus changes that I’ve already performed.

The immediate feedback that I’ve received from our academics at our institution is that of rejoice. “Finally the words we use day to day are now reflected in Blackboard.”

If you’d like it, get in touch.

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