Alfresco Share Document Previews

Getting Alfresco Share to correctly display document previews can be a royal pain, hopefully the following information will help you get yours to work.

The headless Open Office packages which come with RHEL5 don’t work correctly, if your using the same O/S
remove the existing installed packages & install the whole program on your server from
– This was a big part of our issues.
There are no reasons behind this, just a little bit of information here

Next install the required packages :

vi /usr/local/glassfish3.1/glassfish/domains/domain1/lib/classes/

Change so it reads:
# External locations

Now check to see if these files that you’ve just installed in ‘/usr/local/bin’ are running correctly, we were having issues, see below:
[root@server bin]# /usr/local/bin/pdf2swf
./pdf2swf: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This was because the library wasn’t been located, so we deleted/recreated any links to the missing files in both the below locations (just to make sure, as wasnt sure where each program was looking for its required library)

[root@server /]# find ./ -name

‘/usr/lib’ -> /usr/local/lib/

‘/usr/local/lib’ ->

And ‘just like that’ it was working, make sure you also check where ‘convert’ is working.
It took us hours to figure out what was going wrong, so I hope this shines some light on your dark day.

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